This is an authentic vintage San Antonino Mexican dress covered in the most gorgeous hand embroidered flowers. This vintage white cotton dress is covered in beautiful white flowers and ivy. The entire bodice, both front and back, the sleeves and then the front of the dress are covered with the intricate embroidery. It even has the tiny people embroidered on the bodice, both back and front, that make this dress so famous. The neckline and bodice are both trimmed with hand embroidery. There is a four inch area around the neckline where the embroidery tore and wore away over the years. Examing the thickness of the cloth and craftsmanship of the embroidery, this dress appears to be from the 1970’s. There are several small stains on the body of the dress. Like many Mexican clothes it fits a variety of sizes. It measures 19 inches across at the bust, 30 inches at the hips, and it is 40 inches long.

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